Birthday post

I have been far too busy to keep up with an account of my life. I made it to NY on my motorcycle and am thoroughly convinced that I have a guardian angel. I got a flat tire during the second day. Not while I was going 85 down the highway but when I was stopped for gas. There was a great local shop that picked up the bike and got it fixed and got me back on the road.

I’ve been working hard on the farm. It’s so fantastic to be back in the hills and trees and mountains. I’m surrounded my wildlife and dogs and my family.

Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 35. I did a motorcycle ride with my dad, helped my brother finish mucking the goat barn, rode a sturdy goat-hilarious-and had my absolute favorite ice cream cake from a local business that we’ve been getting cakes from for my birthday since the day I was born.

I have done more physical labor than I thought possible but I feel a sense of peace and joy. I still have another week out here before I make the 1,100 mile drive back home. I’m starting to worry about it but trying mostly to focus on the now.

Goats headed to the barn

Me just inside NY


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