Motorcycle trip day 1

Was technically yesterday. You can’t really write while riding. Nor can you take pictures, which is sad.

I went 409 miles and because of stops and gas it took 10 hours. I tell you honestly when the road came into view that my hotel was on I did a literal fist pump in the air. If a trucker was behind me he probably would have thought I was telling him to blow his horn. I had been through rain, hail (yes-ouch) and traffic. It was quite the day.

I got lost on a beautiful highway that meandered through Indiana dunes state park and Michigan. It took longer-but maybe not because the traffic on the highway was absolute crap. Stop and go on a bike is high on my list of most terrifying.

Today I meet my dad half way to the next hotel and we will continue the journey together from there. Tomorrow might be rain so we’ll see what it brings.

We’re in no hurry.


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