Charging. . . . .

Dragging his feet, my son approached my side, “Mom, I need to charge my batteries.”


“Do you know how I charge my batteries? I charge them with hugs.”  Oh, sweet child, how pure can you be? Phone down.  Big boy up on my lap.  Skinny arms around my neck.  Me too…me too….it’s just sometimes I forget.

“Let’s go snuggle, Mom!” It’s almost his favorite thing.  Jump in bed, little light on, teddy bear tucked under an arm, I slide in too.

“Does this charge your batteries too?”  I ask as I admire his little boy hair.

“Oh yes, Mom.  This really charges my batteries.  Just like hugging, only better.”  Okay…I get it.  I get the clinginess all day that drove me nuts.  I’ll stay…I want to stay.  It’s so past your bedtime but what does that matter? Just a little bit more.  We both need charging.


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