I forgot how much I liked

I forgot how much I liked

Walking in the night

Houses lit from underneath and within

Instead from up above

Branches and leaves litter my path

From the storm that rolled through

And rain drops hit my face 

Pushed off the trees 

By cold wind that drove from behind

I forgot how much I like the tree silhouettes 

And peaking in the windows as I silently pass by

Except I’m reminded that I’m not Out East as other people in the darkness say Hi

Also slipping, 

but not so silently, 



One thought on “I forgot how much I liked

  1. Ooh, nice imagery! I enjoy walking at night, too. I am in a small town, so it can be relatively quiet, thankfully, unless I encounter neighbors. Then, I have to put on my “socialble” face. lol.

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