The Very Busy Weekend

It was a very busy weekend.  It started Friday night at 8, but really, it was earlier than that. My husband caught the Man Flu Friday morning so, knowing how much I’d be gone, I went to the store and got things my son could prepare, laid out dishes so he could reach them and made sure he knew where things were.

My first shift lasted until 8 am the next morning.  Then, another shift, 30 minutes away that started at 10.  I got done at 3, but the elderly gentleman I was there to care for wanted to get back into his chair from his wheel chair at 3:1- as I was heading out the door, I stayed and helped with the transfer.  I could see the fear in his daughters eyes as I put my jacket on to go and she realized he wanted to move.  She was pleading with me  or saying a silent prayer – which prompted me to stay even though I really wanted to be home; he’s not an easy man to move. We got him moved successfully and then out I went.  My next shift started at 8 am the next morning.  After two prompts to my husband about a new restaurant that was hosting a Mother’s Day brunch, he made reservation at 2:45 for Sunday.  He seemed to be feeling better.

On Sunday, (for a lady who requires 24 hour care) my relief co-worker was 15 minutes late so I didn’t get out of that house until 2:15.  Just enough time to put on some heels, change my shirt and hop in the car.  My Husband’s Man Flu, was apparently better….until he ate what the thought was lemon cake and turned out to be banana cake.  I had all the prime rib and desserts I wanted (I had 3) and then had to drive home because he was so afflicted again.

My son made me a wonderful card that had a picture of me teaching him to play the piano on it.  He wrote, “Thank you for teaching me to play the piano so I can play the piano in the Talent Show.  You are the best mom!”

He is sitting on my lap as we often do it that way.  I love the huge grin on my face!

My daughter brought me this owl lamp, purchased, no doubt by her biological father, but the sentiment is all from her.  I love it.

He will perch on my piano and look over me. Or stare at me until I play something.

Today, now, is Wednesday.  The list of things that have happened since that Friday night is still very long.  I’ll try to keep it to the interesting bits.

Really, perhaps, it is just a few more things.  My daughter had photos taken for her Ballet and Lyrical classes – the recital is coming up in June! So for the first time I did full Hair and Stage makeup on her.  So many memories of doing this for me, and seeing her all professional looking was amazing.  I wish I could post a picture of her.  She is a classic beauty.  I was also supposed to get pictures done for my Ballet class and after much preparation on my part went to the wrong entrance of a lake of which I knew only had one entrance, waited for over an hour and no one showed up.  Yes, there were two entrances, one clear on the opposite side of the lake.  My phone, also mysteriously shut off and would not turn back on despite all my efforts so I was truly stuck there.  I missed out.  It’s taken me a full day at least to get over this loss which I may write about in a separate post.

Now, one more thing.  My son.  I’ll leave you with this video.  He performed in poor lighting (which is why I can show you lol) on a way too quiet electric keyboard, so you’ll have to turn your volume way up after the clapping dies down.  The song is called Arabesque by Burgmüller.  He learned it entirely by ear.


2 thoughts on “The Very Busy Weekend

    1. Your son is SO talented! Obviously he has a talented Momma and a great teacher in her as well. Your daughter must be excited about dancing, sorry about the picture mishap. And how exasperating for the mysterious transient man flu. Grrr.

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