It’s the term for taking apart something you’ve been crocheting or knitting….

I’ve been working on a very large scale project and getting absolutely no where with it because of tiny mistakes here and there that I don’t find until I’m rows ahead.  It makes it impossible and leaving them there is not an option.

20170511_142203705_iOSSO today I frogged.  (I wish I could do that with life.)

This is the result.

And then the resulting 365 20170511_142737225_iOSstitches that will start the base of my new endeavor.  I liked the idea of crocheting 365 chains because of the days in the year, but really – it’s something you can’t stop in the middle of to field questions so it usually ends up with me quietly counting to myself, then counting louder as someone asks me something and then me rather yelling “256, 257, 258! 259!!…..” until they get the idea.  I don’t want to go back and count all those to make sure I haven’t messed up.  I know it doesn’t look like much now, but it will.  I can’t post pictures until it’s done.  It’s just my way.

This was my last big project: a blanket for my brother a few years ago

Image may contain: indoor

I call it Mountain Sunrise

Like good swords, all good blankets need a name, right?



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