I think it’s perfectly clear…

Like the roads of my childhood, my direction in life takes on the characteristics of country roads.  Not the ones out here that cut farm land into nice neat squares, the ones out east that go around the trees, over the hills and along side the streams.

I’m not exactly sure where it’s taking me.  I’ve lost track of the cardinal points that everyone out here uses when they tell you where to go when you’re lost.  “Oh, ya just head east for 3 miles and this road and then go south when ya hit the truck stop.”  Yeah, like I know what way East is.  My roads don’t go East, or North.  They go in a general direction, hairpin turns – we don’t measure distance in miles, we measure it in the time it takes you to get there.

Image result for country road

Maybe it makes sense that the more I find myself the more I find I don’t have a direct route.  My roots are in those large forests and mountain roads.



I have goals.  Actually my life is quite exciting at the moment.  I was invited to join the local belly dance troupe, soon I’ll find out how much I’ll be paid and how many ballet classes I’ll be teaching next year – I’m a ballet teacher! I’m test driving a bigger motorcycle this afternoon.  One that could take me all the way to the east coast if I have the vagina to do it (this is a joke)Why-do-people-sayI’ve gotten out my sewing machine and am currently sewing the cutest little apron I’ve ever seen for my neighbor kid’s 3rd birthday party.  I’ll post a picture once she gets it so I don’t ruin the surprise.

This morning I woke up with Tori Amos in my head – specifically “Under the Pink”.  Usually when I wake up with a song in my head there is a message for me, so I play it.


This is for all you Aspies out there, I hope you enjoy:



13 thoughts on “I think it’s perfectly clear…

  1. Love me some Tori. Great song! I also think a lot of “Cornflake Girl” speaks to me and other Aspie girls perhaps. Never was the cornflake girl….

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    1. I love this post, the indirect route helping us discover more about ourselves, the less traveled parts revealing the natural treasures most others miss. And of course the Betty White quote!

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  2. You’re probably going to laugh – I read the title and wondered if it came straight out of Tori’s “Wrong Band” 😉 And then, graciously, you confirmed the affirmative 😁 That and “Cornflake Girl” definitely speak to me as a fellow Aspie 💚 I also love how you describe your life as the winding road that doesn’t neatly partition the fields into neat little squares but instead, it meanders through, doing this and that, according to its unadulterated nature. And yep, count another vote for bike pics! 😁💖💜

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