sunshine to darkness

I can still feel the heat rising off of my skin.  I’m totally sunburned. Really, it’s like a miracle that the sun shone all day today in MONW (Middle Of No Where). It’s been raining and cloudy for weeks. Guess I’m caught up on my vitamin D, right?

I finished my garden bed. I’m happy with how it turned out. And then I mowed the entire lawn ( front and back) because my husband reminded me that “the house is mine”. It took me 10 tries, 1 storming off angry and then one good furious yank (that ended up punching myself in the boob) to get the lawnmower started but I did it. No help from anyone, thank you very much.

Easter for my son was fun. I see lots of pictures of my friends on Facebook posting family portraits all dressed for Easter. I guess we used to do that when I was little. Not now. Not this year.

My husband and I worked out some sort of parental agreement where he stays in the guest room but parents the kids “50%” of the time. It’s in quotes because I know it’s not really 50/50.  We’ll see how it goes. At least he’s stopped sobbing.

After our agreement I rode my motorcycle to a friends house. She has a perfect kid. Okay, probably not, but anytime I’m there she just sits quietly and reads or draws. Who’s kid does that!? Not mine….we got to sit outside and drink a little and chat a lot. She’s good at letting me spill my thoughts in incoherent barfs and totally getting me. And  if she judges me-i can’t tell. I rode back home, tired and sunburned but feeling somehow renewed for the week. Which is new considering how weekends usually go for me.

Riding my motorcycle at night is still new for me. I could feel pockets of warm air and cold….that much I knew, but the halo of world that surrounds you….Limited to the reach of your headlight is somehow intimate and peaceful on the bike. I could smell the grilled dinner of families as I passed and only once had to honk my horn at some asswhipe who was meandering all over the road with no turn signal and no reverence to me behind him. Who knows what he had going on. I meant him no I’ll will, just didn’t want to be flattened.

Not today.

Happy Easter.


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