Piano therapy

I had some quiet time to myself just now. Husband is in the guest room probably researching an apartment to move into. I sent the children to watch tv. This is me. Playing something I feel. It helps.


12 thoughts on “Piano therapy

  1. Lovely tune.
    Seems we’re in the same boat- my husband always threatens to leave and find somewhere else to stay, only he never does it. Which is a real shame as I just want him to leave! Last night he didn’t come home which is the first time that’s happened but all his stuff is still in the room so I guess he will be back which is such a shame!
    Hope you can resolve your situation soon without too much impact on the children. X


    1. Thank you for the compliment and encouragement. You’re like my little imaginary friend somewhere out there. I think of you now and wonder how you are. It helps me through.


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