Interview: Meet and Greet Monday – Blogger: Owlbeblog

The Way of the Squirrel

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Welcome back for another Meet and Greet Monday and this week I am joined byOwlbeblog who has only recently joined us here in the blogosphere but who has already begun writing regularly and has begun collecting followers.😊Owlbeblog discusses all things from ADHD and Anxiety to Love and music and then all things in-between. Our blogging paths crossed as we both have an interest in the blog subject category AUTISM and I noticed one or two of her articles which I subsequently read. Owlbeblog writes with wit, silliness but always with grounded and unreserved honesty. I enjoy her style of writing and predict she will, in time, become a popular blogger.

As ever, my interview was conducted via email so everything is completed electronically. Regardless, it’s always really interesting to meet, greet and get to know new and interesting bloggers from around the globe as they all come…

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