Motorcycles and laundry 

There’s something about little boy Ninjago underwear swinging in the breeze that makes me happy. It means spring is finally here, and I can once again hang clothes on the line.

I always imagine myself, a wide brimmed straw hat, calico sundress, old fashioned sexy as I do it but that is never reality. Reality is squinting into the sun, hair blowing in my face and wearing whatever clothes I happen to find on the floor that didn’t make it into the wash. 

It also means the return of motorcycle season. I didn’t mention that I ride a motorcycle did I? Well, I do. Just me and my bike. I put a back rest on the passenger seat and found a good helmet that fits the kids well and sometimes they get special rides. My son gets to be a rockstar for a day when he shows up for school on the back of his mom’s bike. It’s priceless. 

Today was a special ride day. He finished cleaning his room early and while we wait for his sister to be done so we can dye Easter eggs we went for a spin.  We saw dogs, birds, tag sales.  Yelled into each other’s covered ears over the whir of the wind and pointed at things we saw along the way.  It wasn’t a long ride, but was a fun. My little buddy and me. Our own little adventure.


3 thoughts on “Motorcycles and laundry 

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    Thank you.
    Judy (An Autism Observer)

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