Compassion once was

My blog, the first post, like a single drop in the endless puddle. Sent rings out that touched few. More drops, more rings, more people reached. Soon…more, and more.

I hope.  I wait –

for the deluge, drowning, the divorce from depression. Am I’m brave? bold? to write such words but I’m weak.

Cowardice with a computer.  Calling out with characters I can’t speak, saying them to strangers. Hoping for a change to happen. Looking with the lost.

Love is not there.

Fear focuses far from that void, envy now where compassion once was.


3 thoughts on “Compassion once was

  1. I don’t know about you, but the way I see it through the way you have written this post about your blog is that you may have started it to share things about your life in hope that someone might understand or listen and show you that you aren’t alone, I know that’s why I decided to start my own blog

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  2. I can say I understand this more than most, my friend. Having struggled with chronic major depression for the majority of my life, I have too felt lost in its soul-sucking tar pits, felt wordless and helpless to reach out, to even fight intrusive obsessions and compulsions to suicide. I am always here to listen and share. Easy words to say, I know, and for the depressed those words are easy to write off as insincere. But if you, like me, find it easier to type than to say…..the unbalanced introversion too difficult to surmount….. I welcome every honest word both to me directly and in here. I can sincerely say you are not alone and will never be. Not where I am concerned.

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