Just call me Eeyore.

It’s been a sad weekend. It’s been raining here for at least 2 weeks with only one day of sun. Sickness, marriage, work…it’s all crumpled my hope and joy.

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weekends  , you might know, suck for me.  This one was no different in that way, but different in others.  I work part time caring for people with Alzheimer’s in their homes.  This was one of the weekends I worked.  Some of this job is lovely and inspiring, other parts of this job make me fear getting old and sad for the trapped souls inside the failing body and failing mind.  The person I cared for this weekend was lost.  There was no way to reach her and no consoling her fear.  It drained me.

The positive part of my working is less time at home to fight with my husband.  We did, however, manage to have two small fights in the short time I was home.  We are masters at finding something to fight about.

Saturday, being April Fools, was a strange day.  I was home after an overnight with my client.   I finally fooled my husband with the trick he’d been getting me with for years.  I laughed loud and heroically.  He calls it my “insane person laugh”.  It is a simple one.  Tape around the spray nozzle of the sink so the person getting a drink of water gets sprayed.  So many years I’ve set this up and then forgotten I’d done it, my scream and wet shirt giving it away before he could fall into my trap.

It was the only nice day in weeks so I suggested we take my metal detector to the beach and see what we could find.  He buried his wedding ring in the sand and I found it.  I have to say I recognized it immediately as his and instead of freaking out that I had actually found treasure I was appalled that he would risk such an important item.

Later that night, my April Fool’s joke on my son went sour.  Putting salt in his water was too much for the already grumpy boy and as I explained to his dramatic gagging, rinsing mouth and hysterics

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that Daddy’s shirt got wet and it’s not so bad, besides, we have all done our fooling and it’s over because we only get one-then it happened.  A full, large, glass of cold water came pouring over my head.  Laughter from males and “April Fools!” from my husband as I sat in disbelief.  Did he really just do that? I heard my son, cackling, get up to fill his glass with water. Great – it’s now funny to pour water on mommy’s head.  I ran upstairs and closed the door refusing to let that happen but then over heard my husband, “No! Wait! Not on the couch!”
My son had defended my honor.
  He poured the water on my husband.  Unfortunately I was too grouchy to thank him.  I sulked the rest of the night, coughing from bronchitis that refuses to go away, wet haired, and cold.



Aspergers.  Autism.  ADHD.  I get it.  Fair is fair.  Impulse overruled common sense.  I got him wet, he gets me wet.  The water was there – of course.  That doesn’t make it any easier.

So here I am, another weekend behind me, a new week in front.  I am trying hard to be positive, renew the joy, find the hope-but for now, just call me Eeyore.


3 thoughts on “Just call me Eeyore.

  1. Working with Alzheimer patients must be so challenging. I really don’t think I could do such a tough job so you have my respect.


  2. Love your positive attitude! Never lose that. Can’t have the husband sucking out the essence of our beings. Glad your son was there for you x


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