Is my Aspergers showing? That’s too bad.

Currently sitting in a cafe with the worlds slowest internet. Okay, not really. My daughter, who is virtually schooled is visiting with her teacher this morning. If you’re unfamiliar with virtual school, it’s basically having the child take classes online from home with the support of actual nearby teachers. Usually this means constant monitoring, redirecting and helping all day long. I’m basically homeschooling her. This is not an easy task. For anyone. 

My daughter, who deals with anxiety, ADHD and I’m pretty sure some level of autism who is boldly entering preteen hormone rages makes this task all the more challenging for me since I also deal with a variety of mental and physical health issues. 

This morning my Aspergers was showing. 

Auditory processing and executive functioning were just not ready for the random blurts of words and noises and questions mixed with dishes clanging and the steps needed to get two children, a husband and myself ready and out the door in under one hour. 

I forgot to put on my Mask, I left the house feeling grossly inadequate in patience, fake small talk and compassionate mothering. I dropped my daughter off at the school and bee lined for this cafe. Hoping for a bowl of soup, coffee and

There was no soup.

I needed change for the parking meter.

Fortunately sitting here with people pleasantly ignoring me while I sip my coffee and rhythmically tap letters on my phone has allowed those parts of my brain to wake up.

Today is Friday. The weekend is coming. This echoes in my brain with the same forboading as “winter is coming” in Game of Thrones that I finally just started watching. Fortunately for us, our winter only lasts 2 days, though seems to drag on in blurs of fighting, crying, stonewalling and failed attempts at normal life. Someday I will post about weekends and why they are so dreadful. Maybe fellow aspie/add families out there can relate? I know I can’t be alone.


6 thoughts on “Is my Aspergers showing? That’s too bad.

      1. Sorry mate, I tried to reply to your comment about the email and I think I pressed a spam button or something by mistake. Didn’t even know you could do that. Could you try responding to this comment to see if that is the case. Otherwise I’ll give you an alternative email to use. Cheers, Ned. 🙂


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