I can see the disease creeping into my daughter’s brain. My sweet baby girl is slowly transforming into the cave woman. Only a year or two ago she stood wide eyed, mouth open-captivated by the nonsense of teenage behavior. Loud bass pumping music, rediculous struts, heads bobbing and voices whooping. I told her how the brain changes its chemistry in the teenage years and how they actually need more sleep than they think they need…. I remember her shaking her head, “I won’t be like that, mom”. I wanted her to swear a blood oath on that but I knew it would be fruitless.  One morning she came out dressed in knee high socks, a strapless dress and high heel wedge shoes; hair parted severely to one side so it hung in her face. There is a picture of me from the early 90s, trying just as hard, failing just as hard, to make that hairstyle work. When I looked at her and shook my head “no”, the cave woman was released. The world became unfair and it was all….mom’s….fault.  But yesterday, a 15 minute car ride where she chose the radio station, hit solidly in my soul that the sickness had spread. 15 minutes of song after song, lyrics I hoped she didn’t understand, and that deep pulsing beat that caused joyful convulsions of head and arms and shoulders. When we got to our destination and I turned off the car she groaned as if some wonderful IV drug was being pulled from her veins. My sweet girl, my first baby, is  becoming infected with the preteen rush to grow up.


2 thoughts on “Infected 

  1. Been there and done it and hated it. But now my crazy cave woman is 22 and she thinks she know everything but we are now friends and She sometimes asks for my advice while teaching her 2nd grade class. It all comes full circle just as it did when we were teens.( I was a terror) great blog.


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